Letters to Holly

Tuesday, July 31

Rescue Ranger

It poured as I left work and arrived at Your Parents' house. I also found Kempas trapped on the tree next to the gardening shed and barking her head off. She had wrapped her chain around the ivy. I got her out, but it was a scene out of a Western where the cowboy gets the calf out of the brambles and back to the herd. And then she wouldn't eat. There's no telling how long she had been that way. The neighbors who expressed such concern the first week Your Parents were gone apparently didn't check on her to see if she needed help. I also emptied the litter boxes into the giant, rolling trash can and left it next to the driveway. It's heavy enough to keep from falling over, I think. The rain has fallen with enough power that the lake is almost back to pre-drought levels.

We had Kathy, Travis, and the baby over last night for wings and fries and rasslin. Your Sis said she talked to you earlier in the day. We're making a date for them and me to see The Simpsons Movie while Your Sis minds the baby. I feel positively un-American because I haven't see the film yet.

Your Sis and I made a cake Sunday to prove that I don't destroy them with my recipe interpretation. We had our first bites last night, and it did indeed turn out well. It's a lemon, poppy seed pound cake. I can see myself making a cake at least once a month. It's fun and somewhat tasty work.

Picture of the Day
Someone pimped out a mouse to look like a NES controller. If it didn't mean sacrificing the scroll option, I'd want one.

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