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Wednesday, August 22

A Bad Idea

I have avoided the tweedy productions of the local theatre company since I moved here. I have seen their production ads, and I have winced at their newspaper write-ups, almost all of which feature the words "wacky" and "calamity" and "ensue." I have seen the pictures of their casts, brimming with retirees posing in what appears to be the director's living room. I have never heard of their plays but they feature such titles as The Marine Wore Stockings.

However, they have recently advertised that they are mounting Witness for the Prosecution. This is meaty stuff. And the hook was this: They were going to mount the show in the county courthouse. Here was a chance to do a standout courtroom drama in a courtroom. I couldn't refuse. I read about these plans over the summer and noticed just last night the article officially calling for auditions for this play. This article was published Monday.

I called the director to ask if I could pick up a script, and she broke the news: They won't do Witness after all. Heartbreak. Despair. They decided they didn't want to dismantle the non-courtroom set after the weekend shows. Now, consider this: They had announced the play and the setting months ago. Months ago. The article for the auditions, proclaiming the play and the setting ran just two days ago. And only within the last few days have they wimped out of what seems like a crucial bit of planning.

I was told they would do another courtroom play instead, a small Ayn Rand show called The Night of January 16th using the courtroom as a philosophical pulpit. I was also told that my age and voice suggested I would have gotten a choice role in Witness (not so reassuring; maybe they should wait to see if I could act).

Anyway, I'm going through with the audition. I'm gonna try this company. Despite all my previous rants against them and their show choices. It's a courtroom drama. Always wanted to try one of those. And it's using a courtroom. But my spidey-sense is goin' crazy.

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