Letters to Holly

Tuesday, August 21


Your Sister begins a week of a slow death march back to work. My work becomes a cumbersome armload of crazed fish; I have big publications coming out before November, the most significant issues of the magazine and newsletter. Also, we're trying to launch the shopping site and manage a fund-raising project. I needed a vacation just to gird my loins.

Kathy and Travis came over for the Monday couchtime, and we traded notes on Washington. She was there in 2002. They leave for Germany at the end of next month.

The formal wedding was two years ago yesterday, and the time has flown by.

Almost Scandalous Pictures of the Day
Strolling through the local grocery store, armed as always with crackuccino, I spotted a cereal box that stopped me dead in my tracks.

It looked, I was convinced, just like a cover I had done a few years back for the weekly paper. I was so resolved that plagiarism was at work that I snapped a picture to compare the two at home. And then I dug out that particular issue:

Nope. Not that similar after all. Coffee makes me paranoid, it seems.

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Anonymous said...

little einstein "fruity stars"-- that's pretty humorous.

We made the t-shirts last night for the big fundraiser this weekend, ironing on a copy of the clever flyer you designed. They look pretty great. Yours will be in the mail shortly.

Thanks again, kiddo!