Letters to Holly

Monday, August 20

Settling In

We had lunch with Your Dad upon returning. We arrived home, comforted the cats, and started the laundry. Well, I did. She took a nap. We started the day at 4:30 to get to the airport on time, and our previous night's reservation time with a shuttle van came and went with no van. After a half hour, the van drives by us and keeps on going. Five minutes later, he calls us asking for directions. I really wanted to get a taxi instead, but we stuck with him and he did pick up before 6. Our plane was to leave at 8. He got us to the airport at 6:30, after picking up two more passengers (another fare had given up and grabbed a taxi).

The Spy Museum made her hungry for spy movies, and we rented Ronin (a low-budget DeNiro flick) and Mr. and Mrs. Smith (the Pitt/Jolie married-agent flick). She tricked me into taking a nap on Sunday. Curse her. She discovered earlier in the day that she left her purse in Your Dad's trunk. Your Mom brought it by to my office this morning. We still went to the gym this morning before work, and I am dragging from lag and stationary-bike exhaustion.

Picture of the Day
The T. Rex stands no chance.

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