Letters to Holly

Friday, August 10

Another Early Morning

Kathy and Travis invited us over last night for a pancake dinner. Good stuff. They leave for Germany in three weeks to visit their exchange student.

I was pretty dang tired when I went to bed last night at midnight, but I woke up without much trouble this morning. I was a bit sore in the shoulders and arms. We quietly drove to the gym and drifted into the building. But once I got on a stationary bike, I found energy. I biked until the meter said I burned 100 calories, and then I moved to the various weigh machines and then ran for 15 minutes.

I don't think we'll do this five days a week. Maybe three. Regardless, I will still run my weekend 5ks. Your Sister wonders if if it's worth me joining her at the gym so early if we're only there for a half hour. I continue to assure her that I will be there as long as she is. I believe she feels more guilt about the early start than she feels regret for starting this project.

Picture of the Day
Stormy weather.

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