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Tuesday, August 7

Your Parents Are Back

Your Sis drove into Asheville with me yesterday and puttered around town while I worked. We met up for a quick lunch at Mellow Mushroom. We picked up Your Parents from the airport as their flight landed on time but without one piece of luggage. Your Sis and I had agreed for a week to take them to the pizza restaurant for supper, but she instead asked them if they wanted Ruby Tuesday's. We went there, loaded them up on grub, and took them home after some debriefing. We were a little shocked to learn that Your Dad has read all but the final Harry Potter books, and I offered him my copy. Kempas was much relieved to be unleashed, and I may have been relieved just a little more. As far as I know, they're still waiting for the other suitcase.

And now our new regular feature, Dear Aunt Slappy.

Dear Aunt Slappy,
When are the dates you'll be in DC?
Signed, Busy in Boston

Dear BIB,
While I may be an artificially alive, 140-year-old spinster and moral buttinski, it's really not for me to say if your son should keep badgers in his room. From what I read here in this 2nd edition of Holmstead's Guide to North American Mammals, badgers are said to be "courteous to the blind, resolute when confronted by elephants, and prone to eating middle children." If your son has no younger and older siblings, he should be quite safe so long as he doesn't make his new pet watch Dumbo. Hope this helps.

P.S. Aug. 13-18.

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