Letters to Holly

Thursday, August 9

The Experiment

School is approaching quickly, so quickly that Your Sis feels summer never really happened. Things she wanted to do between semesters didn't occur. And she's not happy with how much time she spent sitting and thinking and writing instead of walking about. She feels frumpy. Lumpy. Dumpy. Something else-umpy. Starting this morning, we're going to get up stupidly early and hit the gym before her school hours. She tells me I don't have to do this with her. But, yes, the husband should. And I am. I should make better use of my time anyway; I have a two-hour commute that east up so much of my personal time.

We got up at 5:40 and were at the gym at 6, right as they opened. We were there about half an hour. I had to get my bearings; I was last there around March. My favorite machines had moved, and I forgot my old routine. Did a little bit of this, did a little bit of that. I couldn't push it. I'm never any good at exercising immediately after waking up, especially if it's that early. I always seem to pull a muscle doing the smallest thing. Today was an experiment. I just wanted to go through a light routine and take stock of my progress. I seemed to do OK. So did she, even though she thinks she should be further along already. We'll go again tomorrow morning, and now that I remember where things are and what I used to do on them, I can get a better workout. We grabbed Starbucks coffee and split up for the day. It's about three hours after the gym, and I feel OK, I suppose. I may have overdone my arms.

After work, I caught The Simpsons Movie by myself because Your Sister think she has no funny bone. It doesn't try to be anything but a longer Simpsons installment. I like that. It's very funny, and I'll spoil nothing for you. But it's worth seeing in a theatre.

I'll work on the flyer today at work and get you a rough before I leave for home.

Picture of the Day
A baroque Supergirl. I don't get it, but it looks nice.

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