Letters to Holly

Wednesday, January 30

Good News

The system didn't save my response to your comments earlier, and I wanted you to know I appreciate your regards. And the Star Wars link.

My Mom called me last night to say that the doctors called them with the results of My Dad's MRI and announced "there's nothing between his ears." It was great relief to My Mom, who needed some good news. We've already talked about a possible Super Bowl party at their house (doesn't hurt that they have HDTV), and both seemed up for it depending on the diagnosis on Thursday.

Your Sister has another cold and is relegated to the sick bed.

Stupidly, I'm already planning my next step for the comic contest, as if my progression is a lock. I should hear something by Monday.

Picture of the Day
Maybe so.

In the News
Giuliani's campaign may take on epic stature as an example of how to blow an early lead by going into cruise control. Once again, the Democrat candidate won more votes than the leading GOP candidate, but more Republicans voted overall. Edwards and Rudy are to formally quite the race today. I don't get the theory that Edwards's endorsement would cement the race for Hillary or Barack. He's not doing that well to wield such alleged power.

The McCain win is interesting for what it does to the mighty talk shows. The major voices -- Limbaugh, Hannity, Coulter, Savage, Drudge, Bennett -- have made their bones by riling up their fanbases against McCain. He's considered too moderate for their ideal of conservatism, and he's been the anti-Bush since the 2000 campaign. Now, however, he's the front-runner, and they find themselves on the fringe which ruins their notions of political and cultural savvy. They backed the wrong horses, and they have to eat crow.

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