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Tuesday, January 29

Things Happen in Batches

Dad is still undergoing tests to determine just what variety he has, but the doctors said he has Stage 4. This means it's spread throughout the lymph system. There's no sign yet that it has hit any organs though. Already, they know his lungs are OK (I don't know how this is possible; he's smoked for 40+ years) . The tests he has today through Thursday (CT, MRI, PET) will verify there are no tumors in organs, but the blood work already suggests there are none.

Mom is taking it hard. I'm not sure she understands that Stage 4, while daunting, doesn't mean he has the worst diagnosis. If this is Hodgkins, he's still in good shape. If it's not, he's still potentially salvageable. There's no way to know until Thursday night, when the doctor sits down with them. They know that treatment wouldn't start until Monday at the earliest. He is cycling off antibiotics as they're making him nauseous, and he needs to eat. He's already pretty thin (132 pounds at 5'6"), but he can pack on pounds over the weekend. I'm hoping to throw him a Super Bowl party at his house (just us four) so he'll have a reason to eat all day.

The best thing now is that Dad is still up and about, eating, and spreading the news through his church's prayer lines. Mom says he's already decided to pursue all the medical options, which is a relief. We've argued over science vs. God before. Also, Mom has now put her foot in the pro-stem cell camp.

Other Stuff:
1) Your Sis went to the eye doctor after suffering a localized headache. The doc says she's OK despite the laser pointer. The moron who lives across the street is known as a harmless dumb-ass, and the school isn't postponing the fire drill. There's little likelihood this will develop beyond Sunday's stupidity.

2) I sent off my superheroine submissions yesterday and received the automatic email receipt. I slapped together 6 proposals and should find out before the end of the week if I'm one of the ten semifinalists.

3) The next local play auditions are this weekend. The director asked me back in December to read for it. I don't think I can commit to this now. I may audition just in case, but my heart isn't in it. Still, it might be a needed distraction.

Picture of the Day
This looks like a good idea right now.

In The News
The State of the Union address was weak, weak, and weak some more. The first third as a list of pie-in-the-sky bill proposals, the next third was a defense of the Iraq policy, and the last was a broad appeal to come together and play nice. I was nodding off, and I usually love these things.

+ + +

The Florida primary is today. Finally. This is make or break for Giuliani, and he's banking on the already submitted absentee ballots to give him the win. He's polling in third place.

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