Letters to Holly

Thursday, January 31

Pins. Needles.

A lot happens today, and I'm helpless to move any of them along.

We'll know what Dad has tonight. They sit down with the doctors around 5, and then they'll call me. We already know that Dad has some good news about this; this isn't the worst-case scenario. But what Dad hears tonight will literally affect the rest of his life, and that's daunting.

Today is the deadline for the comic contest, and the ever-possible slam-dunk proposal that will knock mine out of contention might still be out there. I've seen some art by the guy assigned to draw the comic, and I'm not sure what I suggested would work with his cheesecake style. I could try to write to his strengths, but my proposals don't immediately shout "cheesecake."

The new season of Lost starts tonight. The "enhanced" rerun of the season finale last night was brutal. The pop-up information was meant to win over new viewers, but was so dense that it doubled the amount of information they had to process. I don't know how new people could process it. We couldn't watch the whole thing, and, for the second night, we watched American Idol.

Today will drag by like some horrible dragging thing.

Picture of the Day
A new pic from this year's Indy film.

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