Letters to Holly

Tuesday, April 8

Small Things

I volunteered to work on a jam comic with other members of a message board I haunt. I signed up for this months ago, and I was the 13th person on the list. That meant I had to wait for the previous 12 to hand in their stuff, and then I was to make a page based on what had come before -- a collective serialized story. Unfortunately, people flaked out, and the scheduling went wonky, and months later, I finally got the call that it was my turn. Only eight pages have been produced. I downloaded those pages to work on my own, and I have until Sunday to produce a drawn and lettered comic page. No problem. I just didn't think it would happen in April. This pushes back the painting work for a week, but Your Sis says that's OK.

I mowed the lawn, and there was great rejoicing. The first mow of Spring is just a reminder to the lawn that it has vertical boundaries, and if the grass blades do not respect that, they get beheaded. The mower cranked back to life after months of hibernation, and made cranky noises as it blinked its way back to work. I'm eager to get to work in the garden, but we have to burn off the ivy first, and then we can till the soil.

Picture of the Day
I'm sure these things are easily confused.

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