Letters to Holly

Thursday, April 10

Starting the Comic Page

As I made dinner last night, and Your Sister finished reading The Mist, we found salad makings from the cast party that were never used. or used up. An entire box of mixed greens had to go, and she was tempted to toss out the leftover basil. I suggested we dry it out and chop it up for cooking, and up I went to hang it in a paper bag over the garage. I always forget that the previous owners left stuff up there: Christmas paper and boxes and a broken table.

I started the comic art last night. You can see the previous jam pages here. I sketched out my thumbnails beforehand, and created the panels on the artboard.

But then I took stock of the schedule and decided I should use photo references for the figures. I'm playing with awkward camera angles and tricky poses. I recruited Your Sis and showed her the previous jam comic pages to explain how we got to this point. Then I showed her the thumbnails so she'd know what poses I'm looking for and how they'll work on the page. It went very smoothly. I'd like to think I can do this better than the theatre photographer. I also took shots of myself for reference and dusted off my figure reference flip book for artists.

I feel good about where I am and what I'm trying to do here. I should be able to hit the Sunday deadline easily. This is the sketch for the first panel, when our stupid hero wakes up.

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