Letters to Holly

Monday, April 7


Friday saw another of our small-group dinner and conversation nights. I handed the hosts a copy of the play DVD, and they let us borrow Cast Away, which I've tried to get Your Sis to watch for years. She saw it Saturday night and enjoyed it as much as I thought she would. But I was surprised by how much she wanted to watch The Mist again. It's possible that she's open now to watching good horror films, and now I gotta cobble together a list for her to work through.

I made stir-fry for that night's dinner, and we thought a picture of the dish might make for a good picture. The photos look alright, and I will start sketching the canvas by Wednesday. I hope to take pictures to document its progress.

I ran Sunday morning. I didn't plan to do two miles, but I managed it, and feel only small leg tension this morning. I'll try to jog today. We took a late-night walk during the rare lull in the rainfall.

Picture of the Day
The last thing you expect to see at a BBQ party for a local mail center is an Imperial Stormtrooper. But there you go. The Orange Crush (in a bottle!) was a plus.

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