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Wednesday, June 18

Eating and Growing

I got home to find Your Sister had arranged an outdoor dinner. She grilled corncobs, stuffed apples, and steaks. We ate on the deck as the weather was great. I managed to break a wine glass for a five-minute clean-up session.

She wrapped up the official school stuff yesterday, and this was a blow-out ceremony for her. She's still getting calls from fellow teachers and spends a good deal of the evening talking in detail about class plans and administration baffling. Many is the time that a scheduled coach surfing has been demolished by an hourlong call from a co-worker.

We did manage to close down the phone to watch the Celtics beat the Lakers. That was an astounding performance. The Lakers were consensus pick to win. The debate centered on how many games they'd need to win.

Mom is currently focusing on setting up her house for the internet. She wants to find a Dell PC from Best Buy, and she's calling the cable and phone companies to find the best price. I'll drive down to see her probably next week, and we'll window shop for computers.

We have sprouted squash plants. I see nothing yet from the corn or garlic.

Picture of the Day
You might need this for your school studies.

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mmmm. sagital slice of godzilla? why yes, i would like a heapin' helpin'.