Letters to Holly

Monday, June 16

Follow Up

I Googled the sticker I found Sunday evening and found a company called Silly Girl Design. They make the image I photographed, and I discovered the company's MySpace page. They're based in California, and I let the owners/spokesperson know they've reached the other coast.

They clearly borrow heavily from Obey Giant material, but they may be too small to notice.

The script committee exchanged notes on our readings, and I was given five more scripts. No one else is getting this many each time, but I'm reading them all. We're nearing positive consensus on a few scripts -- we've already shelved a handful -- and we may have chosen our mystery play. There's still uncertainty about the upcoming season: when it will start, how many shows could be produced, etc. The delay in securing a permanent space likewise moved back the process of renovation and using the theatre. It's, of course, way too early to see what my acting prospects might be but I think my unusual age for this group (between college and retirement) will continue to help me with auditions.

Our local shuffle radio station, named "Charlie," has just switched to yet another conservative talk station. Because we didn't have enough. Obviously. The iPod retains its belt as Sanity Preserving Heavyweight Champion.

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