Letters to Holly

Thursday, June 19

Wii and Corn

On short notice, I walked with Your Sister to a coworker's house for grilled dinner. It's Kat and Rachel, both whom we really get along with, and they made us pasta and salad. We talked up The Happening with a minimum of school talk to everyone's relief.

They have a Wii, and I finally got to play one. It's addictive, and the remote-control is nowhere near as difficult to learn as I thought. Your Sister, who you know doesn't play anything but Guitar Hero, was crying from laughter. She had no trouble learning the Wii, and after we made virtual avatars, we played for about two hours. She beat me in bowling. She had a blast, and she might be talked into getting one. We walked up around 11 p.m. under a bright moon. It was a fine evening.

I watered the garden this morning and discovered corn. They finally emerged yesterday, but they sprouts are random in the rows.

Here's what the pumpkin sprouts look like.

The tomatoes and peppers are looking good, but the garlic is still hiding.

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