Letters to Holly

Monday, July 28

Thinking Ahead

I found a website that sells surplus military equipment, and it could provide as much as half of our costumes and props. I also signed u up to walk in the annual DragonCon costume parade. It strolls through downtown Atlanta, and it consistently features hundred of costumed people.

I drove by the local surplus store and noted items we could use and the prices. Sometimes shopping for the stuff is as much fun as assembling the costume. Your Sis might use costume boots from the surplus store as part of her state-mandated motorcycle outfit. She's looking at helmets and jackets today while I'm at work.

We went by the lawyers this morning to update our wills. My Mom is about to hand Louis's house back to the bank instead of dealing with remaining payments and property tax. Her name isn't on the deed, and she has no financial obligation to it. We're driving down Saturday to pick up Granny's piano. It sat in his house after she died, and then I had it when I rented a house, and it went back to him when I moved into an apartment.

Man, I miss my first apartment. It as swank.

Anyway, I still have to go to the banks with Mom to sign off on account transfers. That will happen after our Outer Banks trip.

Picture of the Day
We all need naps.

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