Letters to Holly

Monday, July 28

We Have Plans

We avoided Belle Chere for another year. We instead drove to Hendersonville and watched the second Hellboy film. It took me a few years to like the first one; it veered far from the comic and injected a needless love story. The second movie hammers us with more love stories, and if not for a scene that rivals Mos Eisley for creativity, this film would be utterly disposable. It's a shame. We missed X-Files and Mama Mia for this. We were forced to drown our sorrows in fresh doughnuts before driving home.

Your Sis bought rope lights to attach to the deck railing, and she spent the weekend screw them in place. They look nice. She loves any excuse to use the power tools. I pruned the garden and applied Starbucks coffee grounds to the plants. She worked a lot at the school again Saturday and Sunday, ealving me with bachelor time. I polished off another play before Tuesday's meeting.

The big news is that we're going to DragonCon again, the annual geek fair in Atlanta. And we're going in costume as G.I. Joe characters.

We have staked out two local Army/Navy stores to find our costumes and props. I'll also hit toy stores for the parrot and musket. Your Sis will have an easy time assembling her outfit. The last time we attended DragonCon, we dressed as Lost characters. We always have a blast and return home ex-haus-ted. This will be a good little break between the first few days of school and the shank of the semester.

We've spent much couch time watching Mythbusters and MASH.

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