Letters to Holly

Friday, August 1

More Garden Stuff

The garden took a giant leap this week. I fed the plants coffee grounds from Starbucks (free most mornings; first come, first serve) and we had respectable rains for the last week. Combined, they have Garden Power! After months of not much, suddenly we could actually eat from our backyard.

The first green pepper:

now looks like this:

Also, it's officially the "first" pepper, as other tiny ones are blooming.

+ + +

Our first squash plants have come in. These look like acorn squash (which, baked with brown sugar and a bit of rum is FANTASTIC): I didn't know squashes grew from the bulb under the blossom. Once the flowers die off, the bulbs swell.

This might be butternut squash. I planted from a medley seed packet, and there's no telling what we're going to ultimately grow.

+ + +

This is the largest pumpkin plant. You can see the glove for scale. Pumpkins and other squash plants sprout vines and tiny tendrils hook them into place.

+ + +

Here's some corn stalks with the glove as scale. They have launched within this week.

+ + +

This was the patch where the wild berry bushes sat. I cleared them away to give me a decent garden corner, and I put in grass seed.

Now it looks like this. I got some ground cover mixed in, and that's fine. So long as it's not a dead swath.

Your Mom gave me grilling cedar planks for my birthday. I got my confirmation for the U-Haul rental for this weekend. We're bringing Granny's piano from Louis's house up to Mayberry. I'll need to take lessons to play it before the year is over.


stock pick said...

what happened to the other one?

neo-orkuteiro said...

From Brazil, congratulations on your award-winning drawing, your gardening, your talking and your blogging as well.

Gregory said...

I appreciate the comments.

+ + +

"what happened to the other one?"

Other what?

Anonymous said...

see... i'm not the only one who reads and appreciates!

Gregory said...

I'm spooked by the lurkers.