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Friday, August 29

Counting the Hours.

We are packed and strapped. As soon as I leave work, we head to Atlanta.

Your Sis is dragging. The start of school always comes too early, and she calls it a night earlier and earlier. She suggested her kids watch the Obama speech last night, but she thought it was at 9. She was nodding off at 8. She stayed awake until the very start of the speech, but was out within minutes. I taped it for her.

It was as solid as speech as he can give. He addressed the most common criticisms -- national security, patriotism, ego -- with a novel vigor, and it was good to see. The spectacle of a packed football stadium to hear one man speak is reminiscent of the Billy Graham Crusades our local ABC affiliate has broadcast for 30+ years.

McCain announces his VP choice today, and unless it's Bruce Willis or Ronald Reagan, it's unlikely it'll excite the party. I heard Newt Gingrich's name yesterday, but he carries the same baggage as Thompson and Giuliani: very messy marriages and affairs. Also, the "wither on the vine" sound bite about Social Security from the mid-'90s will hurt his renewed national presence.

If I were him, I'd pick a radio-host with a clean background. But they don't exist. Limbaugh, Hannity, Savage -- they're dingy, and they have no experience away from the microphone. A former governor is almost a certainty, but it can't be Arnold. I think McCain is screwed here.

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