Letters to Holly

Monday, August 25

Catching Up

-We're still drying the floors.
-The restorers think the excess water is the fault on residual pressure inside the pipes.
-The floors might be all dry tomorrow, and the fans will be gone. The laundry room will be reassembled, and we'll have our washer and dryer back.
- We can then contact the plumber to install a water tank. We'll probably have to rework the laundry room to accommodate the now-required pressure expansion tank. This won't fit in the heater closet. It will either stretch into the laundry room (causing the appliances to move down the wall) or the storage room (going through the dry wall).
- We'll still need to fix the soaked ductwork.

But we're still going to DragonCon this weekend. We worked on costumes for the last few days.

Picture of the Day
Jabba the Victorian Hutt

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