Letters to Holly

Thursday, August 21

Water We Going To Do

Just in case, we called the plumber to confirm he could install the tankless heater. He can't. He can sell us ones he will install, of course, but not one we buy at Lowe's. The price he quoted us was twice what Lowe's charges, and it looks now like we'll scrap a tankless model and get the regular. The tank version is cheaper, and the plumber assured me that he can install it, including hooking up the gas line. Lowe's said they'll switch out the tankless model for the tank heater they already have in stock.

The floor restoration company came by to check the giant fan in the heater closet, and it's almost dried up the whole floor. Unfortunately, it's forced water through the return vent and out onto the floor in the storage room. Now we have two giant, noisy fans to dry out the vent on both sides of the wall. The air company checked the damaged ductwork and will give an estimate on replacement price and time. We're looking at 20 feet of duct to replace.

The cats are living in the bathroom as their food and litter can't stay in the from with the fan.

Did I mention I went through something similar before? The day I moved into my Greenville apartment, the toilet back up. The rug had to be replaced, and I lived with two loud fans blasting the floor for about three days.

Picture of the Day
We may charge the new resident rent. Notice also the washer and dryer are kaput until the fan is finished.

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