Letters to Holly

Wednesday, August 20

Not in Hot Water

Maybe two hours after I got to work on Tuesday, Your Sister called to say the water heater was leaking. There was floor damage. The local plumbers wouldn't touch the heater because it's powered by natural gas. The gas company sent a guy to fix it and offered options on replacing it. Your Sis suggested we try a tankless heater, and we looked at prices at Lowes.com. The gas company only offers commercial tankless heaters, and their tank model is expensive compared to Lowe's offerings. We'll go to the store.

The floor-restoration company won't remove the heater. That means we had to call someone else just to move it, then the floor will be fixed, then we install whatever new heater we buy. Lowe's will install, if we like. We used them to replace our oven just a month after we bought the house. The house came with an 80-gallon heater, and we only use hot water for showers. We can downsize easily.

By the time I got home, a plumber removed the heater, and Your Sis had made an appointment with the restoration company for Wednesday morning. We went to Lowe's and ordered a small tankless model that will arrive next Tuesday. That's a week of sink baths. Cold sink baths. We'll call the plumber to install the model next week.

The restoration company is running a fan to dry the floor, and they say the fiberboard air return duct has to be replaced. We'll hear from another company about that soon. I hope.

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