Letters to Holly

Monday, August 18

It Shall Never Ever Ever Ever End. Ever.

While we were still squatting in your apartment Saturday, I got a call from our script chair. He wanted to talk about the committee and new developments, and I told him my brain was on vacation. I was also re-reading Watchmen. Priorities.

I called him about an hour after we returned Sunday. He has second thoughts about the opening show (a thriller) after fellow board members pressed hard for a comedy. We had all talked about a comedy, but the best candidate was deemed too dated. It was a play I advocated and grudgingly voted against when it came time to make our final choices. Also, he has found yet another script to pass around. Even if we dismiss this new script, we'll still need to rearrange the proposed season if we change the first play. We can't have three comedies for the season's beginning. We meet tonight to hammer this out and get the new script. Rah.

I think I mentioned that I was offered the publicity manager position during the last meeting. The second half of yesterday's phone call was for the new offer to be the assistant artistic director. It's a big gig. This makes the fifth offer since the murder play: script committee member, director, board member, publicity manager, and now assistant artistic director.

I worry about being seen as the director's guy. A lackey. I need to talk with more members of this theatre and get more experience before I take another position. He was very complimentary though. My pickle was buttered like never before.

We did get back OK. We did the laundry and got groceries when we ran into two students who asked Your Sister about the Clone Wars movie. One had seen it ("I left in tears."), and the other hadn't. We warned him away. We watched some Olympics and crashed early.

Because of constant rain, my garden is much larger. We have real sunflowers now. The squash vines are looking sinister.

Picture of the Day
One of Jupiter's moons, Europa. Probably the next best spot for water after mars.

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