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Tuesday, August 19

It Kinda Ended

The script meeting was something we all enjoyed as the final assembly. We were given two potential season syllabuses. One was what we voted for in the last meeting; the other began with a comedy. We briefly discussed the comedy suggestion, and it won out for a variety of reasons. I'm ultimately happy about it. I like the show as a close cousin of the Neil Simon shows that were killed in the scoring rounds.

The promotional brochure will include listings for three unnamed shows. We know what they are, of course, but we're holding off that information for now. If the season schedule has to change because of costs or location, we won't be locked into infeasible productions. We can change them out with other approved shows.

We've done what we can without definitively knowing where the plays will be held, how much money the theatre will have, and what directors will be tapped. Those concerns arose in our talks, but they're not part of our mandate. We just had to pick the best plays. The result is not a season each of us would have assembled, but it's one we all like.

The question of me directing came up, and again, it was noted that they need me onstage more. Also, I was asked to co-direct a play to get my feet wet. I officially became theatre publicity director. Seems like a fairly easy job. I'll write and send press releases to the local papers. I know how that gig works.

It was our shortest meeting. We're well aware that there will be unhappy, vocal theatre folk who wanted a certain show or type of show represented. I'm willing, and probably too eager, to defend our decisions to anyone. We read a total of 60 plays. I have another one in hand to read even though it has no chance to making this season; the director wanted my opinion on it. We worked. We came up with a marketable season. With limited venues and budget, we have a solid slate of productions.

6 Rms Riv Vu
Trial of Ebenezer Scrooge
Premature Corpse

Don't Dress for Dinner


Winnie the Pooh

Bell, Book, and Candle

Christmas Bus

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