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Monday, September 29

Working From Home

To save gas, I took my work PC home Thursday night and stayed home Friday. I like that set-up. I could take a break for Wookie-throwing when necessary, and I had plenty of snacks.

I watched the debate that night. Your Sis made it about 20 minutes before conking out. I have to admit, I was swim-headed when they started talking about Russia, but I stuck with it. The candidates were clearly talking to the undecideds. I think I'm objective when I say Obama made the better effort; McCain did himself no favors by stumbling over the name of Iran's president and nor did the tug-of-war over preconditions. But it felt like a substantial debate, and I'm glad we're finally at this point in the campaigns.

I drove back home Saturday and had dinner with high-school friends. I became re-acquainted with someone I hadn't seen since I graduated, and we all ate jambalaya and birthday cake. Long conversations about decades-removed relationships and drama ensued. Also, my buddy Esther's child is a little over two years old, and he looks juts like his dad.

The next day, we bought Mom a computer, her first. We practically tackled the Best Buy store as the doors opened. She wanted a Dell, easy enough) and a printer with all the bells and whistles. And she got it. It faxes, copies, and scans. It's an office. She does want the ability to work from home in bad weather, and she's set up for that now. It took some doing to set up the DSL in her new computer, and we both had to react to Windows Vista. After three hours of unboxing and activating, my brain shut down. I drove back home in time for dinner and some vegetative couch time.

Spartanburg and Mayberry are a little better for gas supplies. Georgia continues to have problems, but it's "supposed" to be stablized by this weekend.

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