Letters to Holly

Thursday, October 2

Running on Empty

I decided to join the annual Halloween race. I ran it, what, two years back? That was when it remained a midnight race. Now it's run at sundown, almost seven hours earlier. I opted out because the fun was lost. But I need to run again before my body packs on winter weight. I ran for more than half an hour last night. My new idea is to run for time instead of distance. Thirty minutes should be enough to run a 5k even at a slow trot.

I found myself in a gas line last night for about 45 minutes. It was the weakest day for gas supplies in our region, but this morning looked better at local stations.

We both watched the debate last night. Biden did a much better jobs with specifics. Palin used so much homespun dialect, it was almost a caricature.

Picture of the Day
Here's to drinking in Atlanta.

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