Letters to Holly

Monday, October 6

Are You Not Entertained?

We got back home about 3 Sunday afternoon. The drive back was fine and included a quick stop for McDonald's and gasoline. Not together; that would be yucky. We four split a bottle of sparkling red wine, and the in-laws shuffled out to Asheville. Your Sis and I, bedraggled as can be, hit the grocery store and got Starbucks. A pub dinner followed, and she decreed she wanted to watch a DVD. She picked Glaidator, which she had never seen.

It was the subject of a simmering argument with my comic gang. They hailed it, and I shrugged it off as a popcorn movie. It remains so. The script is crap. Great actors and director. Joaquin Phoenix stole that movie outright. Poopy story. And it seems to borrow heavily from a major storyline in the WWF from the late '90s. Just sayin'.

Your Sis is staying home from work today with continued exhaustion, and I have a sore throat. The babies may have infected us ...

Picture of the Day
But, as we all know, it's better to look good than to feel good.


Anonymous said...

it could have been i who infected you. if the nose begins to run, might i suggest nasal lavage with a neti pot. look up neti pot on youtube for a demo. it should appeal to your "ewww gross" sense o' fun.

Gregory said...

I'll go Calvin on it. Thanks for the heads up.

Brooke was sniffling Sunday morning, and I blame the horse. CURSE YOU, HORSEY!