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Wednesday, October 8

A New Project Perhaps

Your Sis pulled me over as I got home yesterday to ask if I would mentor a student. The seniors have to present an extracurricular project in their last year of school. This guy wants to make a logo from scratch for his church and use it for "branding," a marketing term for establishing the logo on brochures, shirts, cards, etc. He knows a little Photoshop, and he wants to learn Illustrator and InDesign. He had a mentor, but she bailed because of schedule problems, and he approached Your Sis about me. Some students know I do this professionally.

I have some questions about the project and his scope, but it's something I can certainly help with. I talked to his teacher and gave my phone number to pass along. Students who take on such a project go into the community to find a mentor. They can get guild-type skills, sometimes while earning a paycheck. Now, I have no chores to give him. But I can teach him how to create multiple logo suggestions and set up the other documents. He supposedly wants to print the documents at home, but he needs to learn how to prepare material for a print shop.

I'm waiting for him to call me and ask nicely. I know his teachers; I assume this gives me an advantage in helping him.

Picture of the Day
I thought the debate was a draw. If this was a title fight (with Obama as the champion of state and national polls), he would have retained on points. McCain tried a few stunt-punches (specifically the bit about fining employees for not providing healthcare) but didn't land a haymaker. They exchanged jabs as the debate calcified into statistical gainsaying. Obama continues to have an aggressive foreign-policy voice, and Mccain tends to fall on rhetoric when discussing the economy (his admitted weaness).

Neither man went for low blows on acquaintances and preachers, but McCain will need to swing for the fences if he's going to overtake Obama in the polls.

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