Letters to Holly

Tuesday, October 7

Running From Illness

Your Sis is recovered and back at school today. I'm also feeling much better; I credit the run last night. I have three weeks before the next 5k, and I mean to keep my schedule. I ran for 35 minutes. That's almost the speed of my slowest 5k. After running for time this week, I plan to target a 5k distance next week. I've noticed the running is much easier lately. I like to think my new coffee diet has something to do with that. Also, it's much cooler outside.

The campaign has turned ugly again as McCain and Palin assert that Obama has ties to domestic terrorists. The left-wing talkers fired back with Palin's husband's connections to a secessionist movement in Alaska. Also another old ghost has emerged: Trig. According to some outlets, there is no record of the newest Palin's birth at her local hospital. The rumor has long-simmered that Trig is not her child but one of her young daughters'. Also, there are no pregnant Palin photos.

McCain has nothing to lose by going ugly. The latest round up of polls show McCain leading only two state polls and in no national polls. As it stands now, the vote would be a blow-out. It makes for an interesting table-setting for tonight's debate. We will not miss this.

Picture of the Day
Looking out a space station porthole.

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