Letters to Holly

Thursday, October 9

Rain Running

So, yes, despite a daylong downpour, I wanted to keep my schedule. I suited up and ran for what became 46 minutes, the longest I've run without a treadmill. Maybe I'm water-cooled model. It felt great. I let my shoulders swing with the stride, and it staved off my rib aches. I think I may have found the runner's plateau that allows ridiculous distances like half- and full marathons. I hopped over gutter streams. I swerved around puddles, I wrung out my shirt every few minutes. It hasn't felt this easy to run for a long time, and again, I normally can't run for so long at one time.

I didn't hear from the student yesterday, and I may have spooked his teacher when I described all the hoops the kid may have to jump through. Not hoops of my construction, mind you. If someone wants to make a logo that has to be approved by someone else, they will face heartbreaking frustration. The other person may toss them feedback like "make it nicer" or "I don't like it, but I don't know why." The lack of critical thinking will crush your soul. I want to prepare him for that so it doesn't discourage him.

Picture of the Day
I know my phone works. Why, oh why, won't he call?

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