Letters to Holly

Wednesday, October 1

Things I Forgot

1) On Saturday, I picked up my painting from the frame shop. The nice gent behind the counter dug it out from his pile of orders, held it up to me, and asked "it's supposed to hang this way, right?"

It was sideways.

This is why painters sign their work. It's not ego. It's so the framer knows which edge of the painting is the bottom.

To his credit, he immediately took the painting to his workbench and changed out the screws and restrung the wire. Ta-dah, I have a framed painting.

2) I sold Mom on opening iTunes on her new PC, but she wouldn't give up her credit card info to buy songs. I knew that she'd find songs she hasn't heard in years and years, and sure enough the first song she wanted to look for was a tune by the Harlem Globetrotters. Yes. It was the '70s; everyone made an album. She found the song, and I made her a deal: I'll set her iTunes to charge purchases to my songs, and she could pay me back. She agreed. We bought the song. She played it a lot.

She emailed me Monday to say she had somehow muted the program. This is why I didn't want her to sign up with Geek Squad. I hope I can remotely fix any similarly small problems like this.

She was hoping to buy the extended version of Sex and the City, but couldn't find it. I found it online and shipped it to her. I was hoping to surprise her, but I'm sure she'd see this Amazon order on her stoop and think someone had scammed her by finding her PC information online. Also, I never thought I'd have any conversation with My Mom that involved the word "sex."

I was asked to stage manage a show in the upcoming theatre season, and I agreed. I did it in the fall of 2003 for a much larger stage in a play called Tintypes. It required stacks of props. And that worked OK. I had stagehands to boss around. I can do this again with my local theatre.

Picture of the Day
The painting is up. And it suddenly looks tiny. I want a big painting now.


Anonymous said...

the painting looks great.

also, the new blog accoutrements look great. but i can't quite place the new movie theme...help?

Gregory said...

Fight Club. The top bar is from the very last scene.

Coincidentally, I worked on this painting while listening to many of that DVD's commentary tracks.