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Thursday, November 6

Dumb-ass Rebuttal

Those who lost Tuesday count among them those who must redeem themselves. For instance:

+ Your Sis said that her and other classes were beset by white students vocal and angry about the election. One class had white kids claiming -- out loud, mind you -- that the black kids would be getting all the white families' money because of welfare.

We grew up in this region, and we know that high-school students tend to repeat what they hear at home (in kind, a repeat of what the parents might have gotten from elsewhere). But even in middle-school, I knew what was racist horseshit. Her school has a huge white majority; this whole region is a big white majority. They felt safe showing their ass because the black students are simply outnumbered. And sore losers fall back on racism pretty damn quick.

+ The local radio preacher claimed this was the end times. He also compared his flock to Christians in China and Russia -- persecuted and threatened.

+ Mike Duncan, the head of the Republican National Committee, claimed yesterday that Obama won on a moderate Republican platform. Just one day ago, Obama was a radical and the most liberal Senator in Congress. Now, he's Eisenhower.

+ Limbaugh well and truly lost his shit. It was fun to hear.

Your Sis spent the entire night, from when she arrived at home to bedtime -- with a short supper break -- editing a beast of a paper written by an administrator. It was apparently a disaster. In fact, Your Sis said she was the second teacher to be given this paper to fix and that the first teacher's notes were rejected, presumably because the administrator's feeling were hurt that there were so many. I remind her of stuff like this when she asks me to consider being a teacher.

I spent much of the day taking in talk shows dissecting the election. I've just about reached my saturation point, and I ended the night watching a mixed-martial arts show. It was a compilation of one foreign-born black guy beating a string of white guys. Coincidence? Probably.

I wish I could find a certain editorial cartoon from the beginning of this year. It showed a white kid in the early '80s with a Michael Jordan poster, the same kid a few years later with a Tiger Woods poster, and the same guy now in his 20s with an Obama poster. I think there's gospel truth here.

More than any previous American generation, those born after 1976 have grown up with prominent black cultural figures. Sure, some of them were throwback minstrels -- the Wayans Brothers, for instance -- but when music, sports, TV, and movies are dominated by black participants, the shock of color is diluted. So, no, Obama doesn't scare us. Considering he follows two black Republican secretaries of state, his pigment scare any thinking conservative either.

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