Letters to Holly

Monday, November 3

It's Almost Over

Here's what happens when you are a registered independent in a swing state: Everyone wants to be your friend. Not only did we have two live callers woo me for Obama, but an Obama volunteer drove to our house from Buncombe to win my vote. We got one robocall for McCain in the same time period. We're buried in mailers and robocalls for local elections and the governor and senate races. Your Sister voted Friday before school, and Your Brother called to discuss voting last night. Your Sis delighted in tossing him all my pro-Obama talking points (Why would a Muslim attend Rev. Wright's church for 20 years? Either he doesn't believe in Wright or he doesn't believe in Allah. Please pick one conspiracy theory to disregard.), and their debate stayed good-natured.

I just want it to be over, and from the CNN coverage, it might be over very, very early on Tuesday. According to their Saturday projections, McCain can only win if he wins swing-states Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Dakota, Montana, Illinois, Missouri, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, New Hampshire, and splits the electoral votes from Maine. In that case, according to their numbers, McCain can only tie Obama with 269 electoral votes and hope a newly GOP-led Senate will vote him in. Obama can cruise to a win; McCain has to work for it.

I'm voting tomorrow. I await the Christmas Eve atmosphere of the crowds.

I have fought a cold for a week but managed to memorize my dialogue spread out over six pages in Act One. I can't tell you how easy this is compared to the last two plays. Actually, I can. It's DELIRIOUSLY easy. I even took the time to start memorizing my first Act Two pages. I intend to go to the rehearsal tomorrow and shocking the other actors. And I will happily congratulate any others who learned their lines. I still have to iron out a credible accent.

We sadly tucked away the Halloween items and happily gobbled leftover Halloween candy. We watched 300 from the safety of our couch, and Your Sis did the usual schoolwork.

Picture of the Day
Starbucks is giving away a tall cup of brewed coffee tomorrow to anyone who says they voted. All you have to do is say you voted; no proof required.

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