Letters to Holly

Tuesday, November 4

I Almost Forgot

No, not the election. I set my clock early to arrive at what I suspected would be a jam-packed polling station. I had a book to read and extra cough drops and everything. But I was the only one there. No line. I double-checked my registration card to verify I went to the right place. The volunteers said I missed the crowd at 6:15. I voted for the names I definitely preferred, relied on my notes for the local school board candidates, and randomly picked names for the half dozen races I had never heard of. And out the door I went. I was the first one to show up at the office. I intemd to stay up tonight until the election is called, and that might be as soon as 11:15. If Virginia, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania go for Obama, it's over.

No, I forgot to mention another mentoring session on Sunday. The student had met with the church folks to talk logo ideas, and I showed him quickly how to cobble that design together in Illustrator. He isn't taking notes, and I doubt he can retain most of this, but that's not my concern. I would of course prefer he heed my every word and soak up as many masterful skills from me as possible, but he's got that teenage blase attitude. I do what I can.

We have our first rehearsal this week tonight, and we have learned that our Marley -- the backseat director from the courtroom show -- as Acute Myeloid Leukemia. The average life span after diagnosis is 18 months. He's backing out of the show. I certainly don't want this for the man. He apparently still plans to direct the next show, the hotel noir drama.

Andrea is on Facebook now under her full name.

Picture of the Day
Fanboys is about a gang of guys trying to sneak in their terminally ill friend into Skywalker Ranch to see a print of Phantom Menace before he dies. The poster was released this week.

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