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Friday, January 30

I Do Not Run to the Rescue

Cast your mind back to Tuesday, when I was asked if I would direct the upcoming sex play. Now, return with me to yesterday when I received another farce call. An actress (the accused from the 2007 courtroom play) called to give me the sales pitch for auditioning. She tried to describe the play, and I interrupted to inform her I helped pick it last year. I told her I had championed it against the other farces we read. I did not say how much I wanted to do this play nor did I say exactly why I couldn't do the play. But I did pass on it, and she asked me to think of and alert other youngish actors to try out for the play. Hence the Facebook notice.

She didn't know why the original director bowed out. I told her. She told me the new directors were a husband/wife team, half of which played Scrooge just last month. That makes the idea of tackling the play intriguing for lots of reasons, but I still can't commit to the play. One wonders who they'll corral if they don't get the young actors they need. Can you do a sex farce with 60-year-olds? Do we want to see that?

Again, I feel like I'm abandoning this group when they need help the most. But I look at this comic in progress, and that's what I want to do now. So there you go.

Speaking of plays, my college buddy with whom I had lunch Wednesday thought I was a lawyer because she saw my courtroom photos on Facebook.

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