Letters to Holly

Thursday, January 29

Lost and Found

Via Facebook, I'm talking to lots of folks I haven't seen in years and years. I had lunch yesterday with an alum of my first college. A gal I hadn't seen this century. It was a great lunch. Asheville now has a breakfast bar that stays open after lunch. It's called the Over Easy Cafe, and it's a few doors down from mellow Mushroom. Hot cakes for lunch is bueno. She looks great. Turns out she's dating a guy who now plays for a band we listened to in college.

We're trying to get a Super Bowl party, but it doesn't seem feasible. Either people live too far away, are busy with a new baby, or don't care for football. We now own a party TV. It must be stared at.

There was one line on Lost last night that almost collapsed me into a ball of tears. Another solid episode.

Picture of the Day
This is me doing the comic right now. I'm now drawing the comic every day. I'm getting up and drawing for about half an hour before work and hitting the drawing table for at least an hour when I get home. It's strong progress so far, but I dread the inking process.


Anonymous said...

you, me, your lovely wife...the big new tv...and lost next wednesday after my first day of shadoing the family doc in hendersonville.

i'll oogle your new tube.

Gregory said...

We would love to host you of Lostness. I had forgotten about your shadowing.

Are you able to see this season's shows with your schedule?

Anonymous said...

thanks to episodes on the internets for free... i will be caught up and ready.

Gregory said...

They are moving at a much faster pace than in previous seasons.

Things is happenin'.