Letters to Holly

Thursday, March 5

I Watches the Watchmen

I got confirmation from the anthology people. They got the comic. The delay in emailing me back stemmed form their inability to open a WinZip file on a Mac. That's surprising.

I got home yesterday and shotgunned a Pepsi to help me make it to the wee hours. Your Brother called us to catch up and sounded genuinely envious that I could sneak out for a midnight show. We ate the spaghetti gift from the grateful TV owners, and Your Sis sacked out around ten. I left for the theatre at 10:45, leaving me time to drift into the doughnut shop. I was the first to arrive for the midnight show at the theatre and saw the empty lobby and no line. I walked over the Krispy Kreme and found it closed. CLOSED! KK never closes. It's supposed to be 24-hour. That's the law. No, this closed at 10:30. Back to the theatre I went, and I bought food. I was the first into the screening room as well, and I read a bit to kill time. We had maybe 15 people total for the film. Right behind me sat the majority of my local Starbucks staff. One came in costume:

I was in love as soon as it started. I was waiting for the film to swerve so far away from the comic that I'd be annoyed. In some cases the opposite happened: The comic dialogue doesn't work when spoken aloud, and it sounded flat in many cases. In others, the film added new moments and angles that cocked my head like the RCA dogs. But also the film added bits that were smart and affecting. It ran the full gamut of adaptation success. I'm eager to see it again Sunday.

It's a hard R. Much nudity and much blood. Those elicited giggles from the younger folks. It also tries to inject coolness to characters and moments that shouldn't be cool. And I felt the increased action was the right move; we get to see why the heroes went into this line of work: It's thrilling. The director-cut DVD should be astounding.

I had no trouble getting back home and remained wide awake until my head hit the pillow. My eyes are shot, and my typing is worse than ever. But so far, so good.


Anonymous said...

hooray! i was thinking about you while i studied into the midnight hours. I've tried to stay away from the reviews, and am looking forward to seeing the movie next Friday after exams.

and now, back to the grind.
have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the 2nd showing.

Gregory said...

I'll say no more details about it here. But I'll let you know what Your Sis thinks.

Anonymous said...

oh, no, i was staying away from the reviews because i really wanted to hear yours first. and now a i'll probably peruse them over the weekend as study breaks.

so please, spoil away. although since it is closely related to the comic, i already know what happens.