Letters to Holly

Thursday, March 5

T-minus Something Something.

Your Sis went to work today to spite her illness. I took to the sick bed to keep the sickness from spreading. Yes, the sick bed is there for the sick person, but there you go. I made the curry dish last night by re-engineering a confusing recipe -- how can a pound of chicken and onions simmer in 2 teaspoons of water? -- but it was saved by pineapple and pinches of a curry you mailed us. Tikka, I think. We then watched a charming episode of Lost, and I grabbed my last decent handful of sleep until tomorrow night. The Krispy Kreme next to the movie theater will power me home after the film. Ebert gave it four stars, but I'll read his review only after I've seen the film.

The attorney who closed our house and read our August ceremony vows called us last week needing help with his new TV. He couldn't get the peripherals to work with it. I talked him through it on the phone, and all seemed well. Then he and his wife called the next night to say they took back the TV, traded it for a new one, and needed to start from scratch. Again, over the phone, we set them up. Then they called last night with DVD trouble, and I gave them some ideas. That seemed to work, and now they're giddy with the new entertainment center. They made us spaghetti as payment, and we're supposedly going to eat it tonight.

Sketch of the Day
You've seen my workshop's serial-killer wall of photos. The purpose of it was to hold photos that I could grab and draw to exercise those art muscles. I'm finally back at it, and here's an image from a Saks Fifth Avenue ad. Drawing a head at a turn is very tricky, and I need the practice.

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