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Tuesday, March 3

Snow Day Weekend

Because we had a snow day yesterday (Monday), I now have to throw my mind back to Friday. Hmm...

That's not working, so let's move on to what I do remember. The college pal I found on Facebook recently ha a birthday party Saturday night. She was also hosting her boyfriend from the west coast; he plays in a fringe-art band we listened to in college. Nice guy. I can absolutely see why she grabbed him. It was your usual standing-conversation party until the DJs arrived. With three laptops, they made a spontaneous motion art show. They projected image collages on the wall while improvising a thirty-minute ambient symphony. It was from another planet.

Then Elisa and her guy performed a half-composed work on piano and guitar. Another person joined in on clarinet, all while another collage show projected over her piano. I think it was a bone-sober trip, and I was crushed I couldn't contribute anything to it. I wanted to harmonize. While these shows went on, I drew in her journal per her request, but I stopped after a few minutes because it felt rude to not give the performances my full attention. She did this exact mesmerizing spectacles in college, and she blew my Top 40-and-sitcom mind.

During the weekend, I read the book documenting the making of the Watchmen comic. It's a huge tome, designed as a coffee table edition, with heaps of details and archival design material from the artist. Then I read Absolute Watchmen, the over-sized, hi-res, recolored edition, and I saw stuff I missed in reading the normal trade for 20 years. Also, I am now fully girded for the movie. I'm avoiding online preview clips and hope to see the midnight show this Friday morning.

I cleaned up my workshop and placed about 20 pounds of paper in the recycle pile.

The snow day allowed me to read all five volumes of a very Japanese-influenced comic called Scott Pilgrim. I now want to draw a Scott Pilgrim short story and just might. I need a quick art project. I haven't heard from the publisher since I sent in the short story, and I assume they're busy compiling all the submissions.

We knew Sunday evening that Monday would be a stay-home snow day. Much reading ensued. The day ended with wings, as all good Mondays do. We're planning two -- TWO -- curry dishes this week, and I think we're getting competitive about whose will be better.

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