Letters to Holly

Thursday, April 23

Making Notes

I got a Facebook message asking for a special audition time for someone who will be out of town this weekend. I told her I'll give her a reading after if we have too few people show up. I worked with her before, and she'll be just fine for either of the daughter roles.

I started making notes for my first rehearsal manifesto. For example, we'll handle this like a sitcom, but there will be no Urkels, Alfs, or Balkis. They're normal people. Also, we'll start low and build the energy. I once saw a production of Harvey that began with two women screaming, and they had two hours to get louder and shriller. Newly leaked memos classify that as torture.

I wish we had video of previous plays in this format so I can see how they approached it. I'd love to do this as radio theatre, but I don't know what promises were made for the play that won the competition.

Picture of the Day
The lineage of the MGM lions.

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