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Wednesday, April 22

Wonder Women

I am a big Wonder Woman fan. You know this. I have a giant Lynda Carter poster in my workshop. I made a Wonder Woman action figure ten years ago. So when I discovered that a live-action WW show proposal was filmed scene back in the '60s, I was stunned. How did I not know this?

I saw it online yesterday. It is horrible.

It was made by the folks who gave us the fantastic '60s Batman show. While the scene is wholly appropriate for the time initially -- and even promising for a straight-forward TV adaptation -- it goes to hell once the costume is worn. It's a faithful design, but the conceit is wrong in a billion ways. Our heroine becomes a clown. I wonder if they thought such broad humor would make the show distinct from the Batshow. Batman lost its audience quick within three years. The Batgirl proposal was a more similar product, even if she was added only to salvage the ratings.

Much better. She gets to kick people in the face.

+ + +

My theatre contact made binders for the scripts, and I made more notes about line delivery. I'm eager to get this ball rolling. I need to see our performance space and jot down simple movement choreography.

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