Letters to Holly

Tuesday, April 21

Small Stuff

My theatre contact, um, contacted me about supplies for the audition this weekend. He'll make xeroes of the script and binders to hold them. I'll reread the play during the week and pick the best pages for the auditions.

Your Sis is doing much better, and she seemed almost eager to go back to school this week.

I'm feeling very lazy about doing no work in the garden, but we have to schedule a tiller rental before we can do anything else. Your Sis suggested we pay to join a community farm project. For $350, a family can get weeks of veggies from a local farm. I suggested we talk to another couple and split the cost and the food. She asked. They responded by starting their own garden, and I agree with that. Let's grow our own too.

Sketch of the Day
I'm back to drawing from photos to exercise the drawing muscles. BlogSpot loads images to similar sizes, leaving it up to me to tell you that the drawing is almost twice the size of the picture. This is working; when I sketch from imagination afterward, the art is much stronger.

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