Letters to Holly

Tuesday, September 22

Drying Out

We didn't get hit as badly as parts of Georgia, but we did get hit. The school is on another 2-hour delay as we wait to see at what height the rivers will crest. We personally are fine. Our house is high enough to be above any river or creek threat. I should check the gutters this weekend to see how they're holding up. The garden may be finished this season.

That back pain is 90% gone thanks to wife care and small adjustments. The heavy bedspread helps me stay flat during the night, and I'm minding my desk posture. The pain has never faded this quickly before, and I'd really like to run when I get home. The Halloween race is five weeks away, and I want to be ready.

Mom is doing OK. She pushed it too hard last week and decided to scale back a bit. Her digestive system is in a higher gear now, and the doctor said it might plateau. Or it might not. Everyone's different.

House veered away from the formula last night, and it was interesting if not totally successful. The success of the season premiere will depend on how well the series follows up on the character's progress. I missed the supporting cast.

Picture of the Day
I listen to old-time radio shows all day at work, and the ads are a hoot. This print ad is in the same vein as Lux Toilet Soap and Signal Oil.

I also enjoy hearing all the wartime solicitations for volunteers and donations.

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