Letters to Holly

Wednesday, September 23

Taking Inventory

The garden held up better than I expected. A number of tomatoes were smacked to the ground, but the corn and pepper plants are intact. Depending on who you ask, we had anywhere from 13 to 22 inches of rain in less than a week.

As Sketchtember comes to a close, I hope to move to a painting. I have that photo I took when we went to the NC museum in Raleigh, and I still think it will make a good painting.

I ran yesterday for the first time in about two weeks, just enough to clean the chimneys. I want to get back to a 5k-exclusive route within a week and keep at that until the Halloween race. But I'm fighting a reduction in sunlight.

The prospective senior-project student emailed me to ask how long it would take to make a 5-page comic. I said it depends on what he wanted to do and how feasibly he could do it. He has to determine what kind of story he has in mind, if he has one in mind. But I told him we'll make it work.

Moving Picture of the Day
We noticed this TV ad recently and remarked how much the woman looks like you and Your Sister.

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