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Friday, September 25

Putting Me to Sleep-ing Beauty

I'm going to email your brain a pillow made of chocolate. You're on the other side now.

Because I posted a Maleficent sketch on FaceBook, Your Sister and I decided to watch Sleeping Beauty last night. She hadn't seen it but remembered a collection of records Your Grandparents had that told the story. I saw the film once when Disney put its classic films in theatres to bolster videotape sales. This was the late '80s. The DVD looks great on the PS3, as they all do, but the story is weak.

It should be renamed The Three Round Fairies and Their Sometime Adventures with Tall People. It's all about the faerie godmothers. There are clearly scenes padded out to extend the film length. But my witch gal still rules the film, and her dragon form is a great design. You can see moments that influenced Fantastia -- extended bits without dialogue, dancing brooms and buckets, dark imagery. I think they were test driving the elements before making that film. We yawned a lot watching this film; it's not designed for adults.

Your Sister had her second appointment today, and the diagnosis is good so far. But the results won't be known for another two weeks. I had to Google some of what she told me.

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Easier than turning into a car.

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