Letters to Holly

Monday, September 14

We're All Booked Up

I didn't realize how tired I was until I got home. I could do nothing but lazily anticipate the embrace of the bed. Your Sister may have snuck some ill-conceived notions by me, and I agreed to them in my goofy haze.

The cabinets look sharp. We spent Saturday morning organizing and shelving virtually every book we own. It took hours. The installation company are not my favorite people. First they lie about the agreement with Your Sister to work unsupervised. Then they cut a shelving unit to the wrong size. Then they try to install the wrong sliding drawer pieces and inform us the real ones are on back order. There's no telling when the shelves will be finished. I hope they enjoy not getting paid until then. Otherwise we're tickled with the shelves. They smell great, they look great, and there's room for a library ladder.

Your Sister did much schoolwork, and I mowed the jungle outside the house. The garden corn is on the wane, but the tomatoes and jalapenos will not stop. The new mailbox is still standing, and that's a daily victory.

Picture of the Day
Fringe comes back very soon, and we are thrilled. The entire first season built toward a major plot turn in its last episode, and the new season can go in many directions. I love the potential.

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