Letters to Holly

Tuesday, January 19

Hello, Possums

I intended to use the sick bed last night. However, our new roommate will have its own room, and that's the old office. The old office's contents moved into the guest bedroom, along with all of Your Sister's clothes. That means she gets up before I do and goes to the current guest/sick bedroom to put on work clothes and do some grading. That would have made for a bad morning for our hero, who is frog-throated and medicined. The sick bed, then, is now the Bed of Your Sister no matter who's sick. Seems unfair, but there it is. Last night, I doped up with NyQuil and slipped pleasantly into a pool of black.

Moving Picture of the Day
Now my voice sounds like that of Dame Edna. How charming for Your Sister, I'm sure.

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