Letters to Holly

Friday, January 22

Listen and Sniff

You suggested The Moth podcast, and I've listened to each one with an engagement and contentment I used to get from This American Life. There's also RadioLab, and it's hit-and-miss, but it's clearly made by people who enjoy the layering of information. The edits embellish the progress of the stories.

One of my comic projects is an online comic diary. I'm aiming for three strips a week, all made well ahead of time. Digitally inking it is weak, and I wish I were quicker with the traditional inking process. But I suspect my real frustration is with the pencils. I need to slow down and draw in a style that I like instead of lazily sketching. I need to bear down. I also think I can do a 16-page hero comic for the con.

The website will now feature regular front-page updates. It'll be YouTube videos for the foreseeable future.

I'm on the back-end of the cold, and it's still no fun. DayQuil and NyQuil are my best friends.

Your Sis mysteriously got bigger in the last few days. It's very noticeable. She's smuggling a cylinder.

Picture of the Day
I must away.

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