Letters to Holly

Tuesday, February 9

Dark Clouds

Mom had another sibling health scare. Her brother, Don, had aneurysm surgery last night in Columbia, and she's rattled. Don is the remaining brother. For close family, it's him and her, and me. There are dozens of cousins and great uncles and such, but they're scattered across the state. She still hasn't escaped the routine of work and house, and I encourage her to go see a movie or something to break the routine. This winter has not been kind to her, and she hopes spring will ease her spirits. I wonder. I'd prefer it if she attacked the malaise now. In related news, we're supposed to get more snow tonight.

+ + +

She and Your Sister continue to wield hope against Roo's gender. They want girls. Mom even envisions a certain type of hair. Your Sister latches on to her favorite girl name. It's gonna be me and the likely boy against them. I can't let him fall to the dark side.

I was strangely inclined toward a girl initially, but I feared it was becoming preference, and I squelched it. It's not proper. I had these notions of unleashing a smart tomboy on the world, and I realized it's just as much of an accomplishment to raise a boy who will appreciate that kind of gal. It does seem like all the best names that spring to mind are for girls. The boy list seems suddenly paltry.

+ + +

I'm going to post my journal comics on my website within the week and will update them regularly.

EDIT: Scratch that. The comics are already online. I'll link to them from my website. You, Constant Reader, can find them here.

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